New Cumulus City & Resort hotel chain

Cumulus City & Resort

New hotel chain launched in January 2017

The Cumulus and Rantasipi hotel chains have merged to form a strong Finnish hotel provider known as Cumulus City & Resort. Thanks to our extensive accommodation range, we are now able to offer an even better service to all our customers. Following the merger, Cumulus hotels are now known as Cumulus City hotels and Rantasipi hotels as Cumulus Resort hotels. The new hotel chain comprises a wide selection of hotels and accommodation services, offering the perfect setting for city breaks, holidays, business travel and events and occasions alike.

The merger is visible across our hotels from 17th January 2017 onwards. A project to refurbish Cumulus City hotels across Finland is already well underway, while the Cumulus Resort hotels of Pohjanhovi, Rukahovi and Laajavuori have been selected as pilot sites and are being upgraded to wonderful, first-rate holiday destinations with a focus on wellness services and other holiday amenities.

During the year 2016, both chains have already introduced a number of upgrades, including fast, free 1 GB internet, more flexible check-in and check-out times, 24/7 customer service channels and new breakfast menus.

Join us on a journey to the hotel experiences of the future!


1. What is the timetable for this project?
The new names of the hotels and chains as well as their brand identity was launched in January 2017.

2. How will the merger affect your ownership arrangements? 
Restel Oy is the owner of the Cumulus City & Resort chain and previously owned the Cumulus and Rantasipi chains when they continued to trade as separate entities. As such, the re-branding will have no impact on ownership or company arrangements.

3. Are some of the hotels due to close?
There are no plans to close any of our hotels due to the merger. All existing Cumulus and Rantasipi hotels will continue to operate under the new brand.

4. What happens with reservations that have already been made?
All reservations, including rates and terms and conditions, will continue to be honoured.

5. Will you continue to accept your gift cards?
Yes. From January 2017 onwards, Cumulus and Rantasipi gift cards will be accepted at all Cumulus City & Resort hotels.

6. What will happen to your special offers following the change?
All our special offer and campaign rates will remain unchanged.

7. I already have a reservation at a Rantasipi or Cumulus hotel, do I need to do anything?
All reservations will remain unchanged on our reservations database. You will not incur any financial loss as a result of these changes and your reservation will remain completely unchanged.

8. What do I need to do if I want to cancel my reservation in response to the changes you are making?
You can cancel your reservation in line with the cancellation policy. For further details, please see your booking confirmation.